Competitive cheerleading

At Ohio Adrenaline Elite, we pride ourselves on displaying the upmost sportsmanship, both in the gym, and at competitions. We train our athletes to not only become stronger while in competition, but to become stronger when it comes to lifelong traits such as time management, accountability, empowering and pushing themselves, and working as a team.​


Competitive cheerleading is an 11-month commitment (June 5th - May 13th).

The all-star season is made up of weekly practices, tumbling, summer appearances, fundraisers, competitions, at least one large national competition, and a possible end of the year showcase/open house.

Ohio Adrenaline Elite's teams practice two times per week (All teams on Sundays, and one weeknight practice), and compete at 7-8 competitions around the state of Ohio.

We attend one out-of-state finals event at the end of every season, and the location is determined by bids earned throughout our season!

We offer teams for EVERY athlete, ages 5 to 18 and require absolutely no prior experience!

Many assume that not being able to tumble means that you are unable to participate in all-star cheerleading, but there are many sections on our score sheet such as basket tosses, jumps, stunts, pyramids, dance, performance, all of which anybody can learn!


We base our teams off of most and majority numbers of certain skills which determine the level they compete (1 through 6), and build from there! Each athlete brings something different to the routine, while working together towards the collective goal of putting on an amazing show at competitions!

Our Allstar Handbook is available, which includes all pricing, and information needed for our competitive cheerleading season!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about how competitive cheerleading works, and schedule an evaluation of your athlete!